Living On The Suncoast is in our eleventh year. Our goal is to reach affluent families in Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Manatee, St. Petersburg and more. Our magazine is circulated eight times a year via mail to more than 8,000 residents in zip codes such as 34201, 34202 and 34240. More than 9,000 copies of our magazine are distributed to 400 retailers, hotels, hospitals and businesses on the West Coast of Florida each time we publish.

Advertising Information

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Who advertises in Living on the Suncoast?

If your business wants to target affluent residents and visitors in Sarasota, Manatee and Pinellas counties, this is your best advertising choice to reach your target audience with high frequency at a reasonable cost per placement.


Build your business with strategic advertising:

  • Vast Circulation – 15,000 in print eight times a year leaving 600,000 ad impressions per year.
  • Loyal Readership – Published for a decade, we have a strong following and unparalled reputation.
  • Precision Mailings – 8,000 affluent homes, including the desirable baby boomers living along the I-75 Country Club Corridor and prestigious Sarasota, Manatee and St. Petersburg neighborhoods.
  • VIP Mailings – 400 retailers, businesses, hospitals and merchants receive magazines to distribute at their locations.
  • Subscriptions – Besides local subscriptions, Out-of-State residents from northern states subscribe to keep in touch during their off season.
  • Editorial Content – More than twenty local writers contribute to making our lifestyle content. Local writers know the area and write on vast topics like the arts, home & garden, health, fitness and cuisine.
  • Rates – Rates per impression are the most reasonable and efficient in the area.
  • Digital Content – Digital copies of the magazine and your advertising appear on-line to impress more than 75,000 web visitors annually.
  • Specialized Advertising – Web banners, belly bands, and unique inserts, to name a few.
  • Ad Design – Professional ad design at no extra cost for multi-rate contracts.

Precision-Targeted Circulation

Living On The Suncoast’s 15,000 circulation (50,000 readers) was developed over ten years and utilizes a precision targeted monthly distribution system based on careful study of the market. It does one thing and dos it well: reach the exact families, visitors and multi-home seasonal residents you want to target. Our publication uses direct mail to affluent households, carefully-targeted magazine drops, high-tech multimedia, and annual sponsorship of events. Together, that combination targets your advertising message to those you want to see month after month, and season after season.

The homes we target are in the area’s finest communities. This ensures that your message hits just the homes with high-income consumers.

  • Braden Woods
  • Bird Key
  • Mote Ranch
  • Heritage Harbour
  • Lakewood Ranch
  • Panther Ridge
  • The Concession
  • River Club
  • Mill Creek
  • University Park Country Club
  • The Founders Club
  • Laurel Oak
  • Palmer Ranch
  • The Oaks
  • Surrounding downtown St. Petersburg area.

More than 6,500 copies are delivered by courier to 640 high traffic businesses, hotels, professional offices, hospitals and Class A office buildings out east and in downtown Sarasota, Venice, Sarasota, Manatee, the Islands and St. Petersburg. This captures tourists and reinforces our mailed circulation to the local communities.

Hundreds of copies mailed to a VIP list, reaching leaders in government, business and the arts!

Demographics & Readership

  • Average income – $101,900
  • Home Ownership Rate – 74.5%
  • Average Age of Reader – 45
  • Magazine Readership – 51.5% Female
  • Readership Shopping – 37% shop both Sarasota and St. Petersburg retailers.